🧐 About Me

Ultimately, I want to create. Practically, I'm a software developer. Spiritually, I'm an artist.

Ultimately, all my endeavours, whether work or studies, have led me to the same realization - I want to create. I want to create like an artisan in the Renaissance, not bound by categories or job descriptions but only limited by human creativity - if limited at all.

Practically, I'm a full-stack web developer with a keen eye for visual design and user experience. My ability to go from concept to code while keeping the user in mind has been valued throughout my career, enabling me to deliver functional, user-centric solutions.

Spiritually, I find inspiration in all my sensory experiences. Whether it's viewing a Van Gogh painting in a gallery, listening to the humming noise of my 3D printer, or feeling the vibrations of a train passing by beneath an overpass, I am constantly inspired to create.

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